A meditation app that anchors peace to God.

Bring peace to your chaotic day!

Daily meditations (about 5 minutes) draw you closer to Jesus and nourish your soul.

Soul-care = self care

Topics: Anxiety, Peace, Healing, Rest, Acceptance and more

In case you aren't exhausted at the end of your day, we've got you covered with a sleep section: scriptures, hymns, and lullabies.

7-10 day mindful courses focused on topics such as gratitude, grief, and motherhood

Our daily meditations are always FREE! And unlimited access to all our premium content is only $19/year.

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Life-giving Meditations for Thirsty Souls

Working in the mental health field, I am familiar with a lot of general meditation apps and I always wished there was an app that promoted meditations based on Christian biblical teachings. And I am impressed by how inexpensive annual cost for premium is! Just under $10! Definitely try out the free version and you will see what I mean. - Cara H.

A gem amongst rubble

I've tried many meditation apps before this one always looking for less obvious other than Christian based ones, was super surprised and satisfied that this app was Christ centered. A gem amongst rubble. The upgrade is affordable and very much recommended, even if it was just to support this service. - Gregory C.

Such a blessing

I am a doctor. I have a very stressful job and suffer from anxiety and burnout. This app has been SUCH a blessing. I am not good at meditation but I can do this. - Akshalie

Aligns with my faith

I've downloaded many meditation apps, this one aligns with my faith and my beliefs, as well as being manageable as a mom of two boys. Thanks so much! - Courtney H.

Free membership

Love this app! Even on a free membership you have daily meditations which are so good! - Batshazcrazy

After trying out 3

After trying out 3 different meditations, I paid for the pro version. This is definitely the app I've been looking for. - Donna

Perks for Kids Too!

Breathing exercises for kiddos

Lullabies to help calm anxious minds

Soothing bedtime stories to still wiggly bodies

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